Listening to Foresters

The Forest Growers Levy Trust publishes a plan every year so everybody can see how their levy money is being spent and see where the benefits are. The biggest chunk of the money goes on research because it’s so important to the future of New Zealand’s forestry.

The Forest Growers Levy Trust includes four representatives of the larger forest enterprises, which represent more than two thirds of current forest production. There are two representatives of small scale forest owners. And there is an independent chair. Representation of medium sized forest owners as a separate category is being considered.

These Trust members all receive feedback on the Levy Work Programme which they approve each year.

The Levy Trust holds an annual meeting and any forest owner is welcome to attend.

Track record of forest levy - in good
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Read this article by Don Carson in the latest Tree Grower:
New Zealand Tree Grower

Photo: Julian Bateson, Chair, Wellington Branch Farm Forestry Association 
“I was sceptical of the levy when it first came in five years ago, but I’m a strong supporter of it now".