The Levy Benefits

Levy income for the 12 months to 1 December 2018 was $11,058,481. Levy investment for 2018 was $10.2 million, and the budget for 2019 is $10.4 million. The Forest Growers Levy Trust publishes a plan every year so everybody can see how their levy money is being spent and see where the benefits are. The biggest chunk of the money goes on research because it’s so important to the future of New Zealand’s forestry.

Research covers off things such as studying pests that could harm trees, working out better ways to fight forest fires, or making tree seedlings more sturdy.

The second biggest portion of the levy spend is on biosecurity to ensure forests stay healthy.

Read this factsheet to find out more about how your levy funds were spent:

What is the levy spent on?

Read this factsheet to find out how a strong levy fund attracts other funding:

Multiplying the value of the levy vote