The Levy Vote

Have your say on how your levy is spent.


The levy started in 2014 and was set for six years. In 2019 forest growers can vote to renew the levy for another six years from late 2019 to 2025.

Currently it’s set at 27 cents per tonne of harvest wood.

The levy vote is balanced it is fair to small and large forest growers – it relies on both so the number of votes cast and the volume of forests have to be in a majority for the levy to come into effect.

If you are a forest owner and you intend to harvest your trees from late 2019 to 2025 then you are eligible to vote this March/April.

Read this factsheet to find out more about the levy vote:

What is the Levy Vote?

Michael Higgins has a lifetime’s experience in forestry.
Hear why he supports the levy:
Levy benefits small and large growers

The way the forest levy was structured to ensure it would 
benefit both small and large forest growers was one of the
reasons why Grant Robertson supported  it from its inception.

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Stuart Orme believes the levy has given small foresters
the opportunity to be involved in research that
benefits the whole industry.

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Fire prevention and management, forest safety and the
environment are areas that have benefited from the
investment of levy funds, according to small-scale
forester Don Wallace.
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Money raised from the levy has been invested in
promoting forestry as an industry.  Neil Cullen believes
the levy has helped to maintain the reputation of foresters.
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